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Safety And Care

Any piece of equipment has the potential to break down or cause harm, especially with careless operation or day to day care and maintenance, we recommend a few key measures to keep your doors safe.

Whilst a schedule of professional planned maintenance and servicing is a legal essential and the best way to get the most life out of your industrial door installations, there are a few simple steps your own team can take to limit breakdowns and ensure good working order.

Our engineers can talk you through this advice in more detail as part of the installation or ongoing contracted maintenance work; it is easily carried out by any member of your team and adds a great deal to general health and safety efforts.

Regular operations checks

It may seem obvious, but it can be an excellent habit for anyone operating the door to give it a quick test each day. Whilst some properties we install to use their doors 24 hour, others may only open a close a couple of times each day and the last thing you want is to find there’s a problem when an urgent delivery is waiting to come in or dispatch. This schedule can be easily documented in the log book for the door equipment.

Basic cleaning and care

Our industrial doors are designed to withstand general wear and tear and any problems with dirt getting into mechanisms, however no system is perfect and especially at times of year like Autumn, when there is a great deal of damp leaf litter around, or in areas subject to high volumes of street litter. Part of the quick daily check should include a look for leaves, litter and any other foreign items that could find their way into the operating mechanism. This simple check would reduce a large number of the emergency call outs we attend only to find a bunch of rotting leaves in an opening mechanism!

Staff training

When equipment has a potential to crush a person or their limbs, operation training should never be taken lightly, ensure a responsible person is always tasked with ensuring anyone operating the door knows exactly how to work it, especially any cut off or emergency stop switches. They should also be made aware of the necessity for regular checks, keeping a log book and problems to look out for such as door damage or people/equipment hanging off the door before operation.

Modern legislation and guidance can be very severe on employers or property owners who fail to meet legal obligations or display a laid back attitude to industrial door safety and care if an accident happens; including hefty fines and the potential of prison sentences. A little care goes a long way for your peace of mind and the good of your people, the public and your business!

For advice and recommendations on all aspects of commercial and industrial door installations and maintenance, contact us at CJ Doors & Shutters Limited and speak to our expert team throughout the London and Kent area.