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Door Safety Advice

All kinds of commercial and industrial doors have the potential to cause injury if they are not properly installed, maintained and operated, and there are a range of applicable safety regulations.

Whilst our installations team can offer support and advice on risk assessing and properly maintaining and operating manual or automated industrial doors, the following provides a basic overview of the key factors employers and building owners need to keep in mind. This advice is summarised from HSE guidance and legislation such as the workplace health, safety and welfare regulations.

The most common injuries relating to industrial doors tend to relate to the door closing on people, limbs being pulled into the door mechanism, or people being lifted and dropped by the door.

If your property includes automated or powered doors strong enough to lift an adult or a child then a full risk assessment must be carried out and the following measures are recommended;

  • Eliminate any handholds or footrests
  • Use perforations for visions instead of letterbox openings
  • Limit the force available at the door leaf
  • Install sensors to detect anyone attached to or near the door
  • Install a hold-to-run control with keyswitch
  • Ensure controls are within visual sight of the door
  • Ensure the door and any additions are CE marked


It is also highly advisable to only utilise professional and fully qualified installers who can advise and carry out activities such as a design risk assessment considering whether the public will come into contact with the door, and which door system is the most ideal for the property from a safety perspective.


Professional installers must also meet the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare legislation meeting construction standards and installing any necessary additional safety equipment installations.

On an ongoing basis, a planned maintenance contract is also strongly advised to ensure the door and all related equipment is regularly checked over by an experienced engineer. Day to day, members of the team perating the door should also ensure to keep the door and mechanism tidy; in Autumn especially wet leaves can find their way in and affect the operation of the door, as well as risking damaging it.

Finally, it is advisable to maintain a log book for every industrial or commercial door on your property listing manufacturer details, identification numbers, installer details, dates of installation and maintenance and details on the power unit and any safety devices.


Professionally installed, maintained and operated doors last longer and keep you, your team and the general public safer; and we’ll make sure you are aware of all the requirements as part of our consultation and fitting process. Contact us today to learn more or book a survey from our engineers.

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