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Testimonials East London

"Really exceptional job on our factory roller shutter doors; you don’t realise what an annoyance broken down old ones are until you get a perfectly functioning new set – thanks again to you and the team, they did a great job and made the effort to minimise disturbance."

Mr M. Watts, Swanley, East London - Roller shutter door installation

"Thank you so much for recommending the sectional overhead design, and all your hard work getting them fitted and automated, they look great, work perfectly and do a much better job of keeping the cold out."

Mrs V. Adams, Sidcup, East London - Sectional overhead door fitting

"I’m just amazed with the new high speed doors, they make such a difference; great for getting things moving in a hurry, but the main thing I’ve noticed is how well they keep the weather out, in the past it was barely worth heating the space because it all disappeared out the door, now it’s only open a few seconds at a time and everyone’s a lot happier."

Mr I. Bungard, Dartford, East London - High speed door installation

"The folding shutter doors give a really nice finished look to the building, much better than what we had before which looked a bit untidy; and thanks so much for working out a tailor made maintenance approach, just what we needed."

Mr J. Fair, East London - Folding shutter doors and bespoke maintenance contract

"I hadn’t realised quite how yellowed and useless the old curtains had gotten, it’s noticeably less drafty and there’s that much more light coming in with our new set, thanks for making the whole process so painless."

Mr F. Jordan, Welling, East London - PVC strip curtains fitted

"We’d been putting off sorting all the doors out for a while because we were worried about the disruption, so I’m really grateful for the efforts made by you and your team to get everything done so quickly and neatly without compromising any quality."

Mrs J. Parry, Bexley, East London - Commercial fire and steel security door installations

"I’m really impressed by how robust they seem in place, so many collapsible gates I’ve seen seem to be all over the place; the value of a job well done I suppose, thanks for all your hard work."

Mr P. O’Donoghue, East London - Commercial collapsible gate installation

"The automated opener has made a big difference, so much more efficient, the manual openers had gotten to be a bit of a recurrent horror story!"

Miss A. Graham, Swanley, East London - Commercial roller shutter door automation and servicing

"The team made incredibly swift work of getting all the new roller shutters installed and tested; I had really visualised it taking days and completely destroying our schedule. I’m certainly very happy to recommend or reference you to other warehouses any time you need it, thanks so much for such an excellent service."

Mr S. Lilley, Sidcup, East London - Roller shutter door installation and automation

"As assured, the high speed doors really have made quite a difference to the temperature inside, especially with the recent weather it was starting to look a bit like a pond installation rather than a loading dock, very glad we made the investment."

Mrs P. Tomlin, East London - High speed door installation at warehouse